How was 2021 and what will be like 2022?

Hello world 🤟🏻 my name's Francisco, fcoterroba on the Internet and today I bring you a slightly unusual post because, as you know, on my website I speak almost exclusively about computing, programming and development. But today is a little different, today, the last day of the year, I am going to make a brief summary of how 2021 has been and what expectations I have for 2022.

Before starting, how could it be otherwise, if you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you go watch the latest video I have on my YouTube channel in which I explained, in a very simple and concise way, how to perform the installation of a smart light bulb 🧠 with which you can change its color, control it with your own voice and much more! You can see it here 👇🏻

Now yes, let's start!

January 2021

The year began practically finishing that training course that I told you about. From the Junta de Andalucía. We had only a few weeks left to finish and we were all more focused on having a good internship company than anything else.

In addition, I had to continue delivering projects for the upper grade and even sometimes I complained:

I also had time to write a post about webscrapping in Python that you can read here.

February 2021

This month the first exams of the higher grade were approaching, I could not study much but I did very well

Officially this month I also finished the board training course and started, with great enthusiasm and finally, my first stage as a professional web developer. I was in Ideanto, SME from Malaga in charge of web design for other companies, the vast majority of which are public companies. I worked as a full-stack developer doing plugins, front and back development, etc. We work to bring to market a product of virtual fairs in 3D accessible through the web.

Although I was working at Ideanto, I always thought that I couldn't close my doors and that's how it was, I kept sending my resume to job offers that I saw or shared with me. (Joaquín has been one of my best discoveries of 2021)

I was also able to contribute to the Spanish Python association:

Finally, that month I was able to upload a post about the development of browser extensions. you can read it clicking here.

March 2021

March was not very special but still, I started two new aspects in my professional life:

One of them was to start working as a Python teacher in a personalized online class for adults. We gave from the most basic of the language to some libraries like NumPy or Pandas. I learned that I liked teaching more than I thought!

On the other hand, I began my long career at Newe, a fabulous startup that has given me a lot of joy and from which I have been able to learn a lot. I was as a back-end developer mainly in PHP.

I also kept looking for a job because I wanted something “serious”:

Of course, you also have to know when to stop and that is why there was no post that month:

April 2021

In April things were still the same, I had one month left to finish the internship at Ideanto and two months for the final exams. I was still looking for serious work:

That yes, the first day of the month marked the anniversary of the birth of the web and how could it be otherwise, I uploaded a post doing charts in javascript.

NEWE was beginning to appear in media such as eldiariodesevilla, businessinsider y el ABC de Sevilla (formerly called Clothify). That month the name of the company was officially changed:

May 2021

In May I finished my internship at Ideanto taking great people with me and with a lot of learning to give the best of me in a new company:

At the same time that a door closes, a window opens and that is why I started to take care of a website as a wordpress developer for Alberto, a very good friend that I met in the training program and that I will have forever. This is the web

NEWE continued to appear in media such as COPE

And of course, it was my girlfriend's birthday, a very complete weekend in which we went to visit the wonderful town of Frigiliana. A town with a beautiful charm that is recommended to visit at least once in your life.

June 2021

In June NEWE managed to be part of the PcComponentes startup booster. The light was finally seen at the end of the tunnel.

For the web I uploaded a second part of the previous post only programming it in Python instead of javascript! Read it here!

Por último, pero no menos importante, realicé los exámenes finales del grado y me fui al verano de la mejor forma posible!

No hay descripción alternativa para esta imagen

It was also my birthday

July 2021

In summer I decided to try different languages ​​that were out of my personal scope and that is why on July 5 I uploaded a post with things using Rust.

I kept applying for job offers even though I didn't find anything yet:

I have to make a special mention to my girlfriend, of whom I am very proud and that same Friday, July 2, she got her precious driving license!

We also went on a getaway to Seville for a weekend! That we computer scientists also know how to disconnect

August 2021

August was somewhat weak, rather rest. The only noticeable thing I did was upload a post on August 4, a basic PHP project in which I explained how to make a basic CRUD.

September 2021

Possibly one of the best months of my year and not only for having made a post about javascript using githubg Pages but because I started working at a new company, Avature!

Obviously I had to say goodbye to NEWE, a company that after half a year we learned a lot and that continues to this day with a brutal project!

We also went to see a Malaga match in which we won 2-0!

October 2021

One of the most remarkable things of that month (although offtopic) was the month and a half vitiated in which my girlfriend and I spent the two games of the last of us. highly recommended!

I also uploaded a post in which I compared the second year of each computer training cycle with two friends. Read it here!

Coincidentally a few months ago they premiered a drive-in movie theater in Malaga! And on Halloween night they put on Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie that we love and of course we couldn't miss seeing it!

November/December 2021

I have put together the last two months of the year because they have been a bit standard. I kept working and my girlfriend managed to finish her higher degree in tourism.

I had "purposes" that I set for myself last year and that have been fulfilled to a greater or lesser extent:

The first tweet was a joke though, I started the year with €200 in my account and ended up with more than I wanted, not bad for having collected a month of unemployment and 4 payrolls in Avature.

The tweet I put about learning ASIR I have not fulfilled, I have not had much time to get into things that are not programming.

The last one, which was a little more serious:

  • I have not been able to give a talk although I am still interested
  • I have not had time to create any API but I have a very good idea
  • I have contributed a lot thanks to the Spanish Python association that has helped me throughout the Hacktoberfest process
  • From the upper grade, I only have to finish the project and validate the practices next year.
  • My clean code has improved a lot since I've been on Avature.

What I expect for 2022?

For next year I would love to:

  • Health: We have been with COVID-19 in our lives for two years now and luckily no close relative has ever caught it. Let's hope it continues like this
  • Work: Both for me, to be able to continue well in Avature, and for my girlfriend, who will study a competitive examination this year.
  • Money: I would settle for a 5-digit bank account within a year.
  • Give a speech: I would love to be able to give a talk on development. I want to be someone who will be remembered for what he did
  • Develop an API
  • Do some more sport: Today I do not do any sport but I am going to propose, at least, to transport myself more by bike and less by car/motorcycle

And this has been all for today. Thank you for this wonderful year, for reading me, for putting up with me and for making me happy. You are incredible.

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I also hope you have a great week and see you here soon! A greeting and remember to follow me on the networks as TwitterFacebookInstagram, GitHub and LinkedIn. 🤟🏻

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