Big Data: What is it and how is it used in our daily lives?

Hello world, my name is Francisco, fcoterroba on the Internet and today I bring you a post in which I am going to explain, for information purposes, what big data is and how it is used in our daily lives since, although we may not realize it, , is present in many of the actions we see every day.

Before starting, I recommend visiting a post that I uploaded very recently in which I explain, in my own handwriting, some of the most used terms currently in computing and technology. Furthermore, at the end of it, I attach 2 PDF documents to further expand the knowledge..

What is Big Data?

Big Data is another computer term that describes the fact of a large volume of data, whether structured or not.

Better said, when we talk about Big Data we are talking about a set of data or combinations of data sets whose size, complexity and speed of growth make it difficult to capture, manage, process or analyze using conventional technologies or tools such as relational databases.

Although the minimum size requirement to determine if a given data set is considered Big Data is not yet required and, as expected, changes over time. The majority of analysts and professionals surveyed in a famous English-speaking magazine consider that it will be between 30-45 Terabytes to 4 Petabytes.

In most cases, Big Data must be combined with structured data such as a relational database, an ERP or a CRM.

Now I leave you a YouTube video in which it is easily explained what Big Data is, in less than 5 minutes.

Let's talk about corps

Why do you think companies use this term, Big Data, so much?

From my point of view, I believe that it is used, apart from because it is a relatively new term, and that appeals to the client, because of the infinite number of positive points that the practice of this term improves in the life of companies.

Mainly, they provide answers to questions that didn't even exist. In other words, Big Data provides another point of view since, with such an amount of information, organizations, SMEs and companies, are able to identify problems in a simpler and clearer way.

By having technology that collects large amounts of data and searches for trends within the data, this allows companies to move much more quickly, smoothly and efficiently.
And in the other area as well, if a problem area is detected, it could be eliminated before influencing the company's profits and/or reputation.

In short, Big Data analytics helps companies harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. This creates a smarter business flow, more efficient operations, higher profits and more loyal customers. Besides:

  • Reducing the cost providing important advantages in terms of costs for storing large amounts of data with technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analysis or Cloud Data.
  • They are faster and have better decision making since the speed of the service provider is combined with in-memory analytics, thus combining a perfect analysis of new data sources.
  • New products and services These are some of the things that Big Data would be able to bring to the market by analyzing customer needs and customer satisfaction.

Below I leave you a 7-minute video from the Vodafone company in which Tom Davenport, a specialist in the field, briefly explains to us what Big Data is and how it can help our business.

How does Big Data affect us in our daily lives?

As we have previously said, Big Data consists of the analysis and management of massive volumes of data, converting said data into useful and valuable information for decision making, mainly carrying out the entire process in real time.

Although it is expected that in a few years, Big Data will be one of the most common technologies in our daily lives, today it is limited to being present in business environments. Large (and not so large) companies collect information about their customers, thus giving them the best market experience.

Through the famous privacy terms that we supposedly read and accept, applications, wearables, home automation, games and everything we do on the Internet, information is collected about us to create a more specific network profile.

According to a telephone study, more than 22 million Spaniards connected to the Internet 365 days in 2016. That's where they get all our information from.

Some of the sectors in which Big Data is already used today to improve the company are:

  • Tourism → By collecting data from customers and tourists, applying analysis and subsequently identifying possible problems, they will make something as difficult to measure, as a customer's happiness, become a simple task.
  • Marketing → According to geolocation accompanied by the proliferation of smartphones, advertisers create advertisements according to the type of customer, current location, etc. Opening new income for service providers as well as new clients for advertising companies.
  • Call centers → The historical information of a Call center can be immense if we include sales, calls, registration, customer interests, clients, marketing plans, types of sales, methodology, bank accounts, etc. Big Data is used here for the improvement of working habits.

These are some of them. Write in the comments what else comes to your mind!

Below I leave you several very interesting videos to expand your knowledge on the subject:

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