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Hello world, my name is Francisco, fcoterroba on the Internet and today I am writing you a post with a personal recommendation, so that this summer you can enjoy a little more, and relax from work and studies, with a fairly extensive list about series relacionadas con el ámbito de la tecnología y la informática.

Before starting, I notice that it is not a top, it is an unordered list, it is a ul HTML tag 😂.
That because x comes out first and second, doesn't mean that I like x more than h.
Once explained, we continue ⬇


The IT Crowd was a British sitcom launched in 2006 that was about an IT department in a large multinational. What unfolds the lives of the two protagonists is the fact of the entry of a new technology manager, who does not know about technology but does know about personal relationships. Together they will try to bring both worlds closer, without losing the canned grace that characterizes them.

Although watching it on VOSE earns much more, Canal + carried out the dubbing and production in Spain, leaving scenes as hilarious as this one:

Person of Interest was an American drama series about a programmer who develops artificial intelligence capable of predicting terrorist acts. Over the course of the series, reflections such as the incursion of technologies into our daily lives are brought to the surface, or how everyday life as we know it could end with the use of new technologies.

I have only seen it dubbed into Spanish, when the private Spanish channel La Sexta broadcast this series openly. Here I leave you one of the most iconic scenes of the series:

Betas (eponymous name in all languages) was an American web series produced by Amazon with very satirical comedy tones. The story is about a group of programmers in a company who develop a dating application, being their first time in the world, in the famous Silicon Valley.

I don't know if there is a version dubbed into Spanish, but as almost always, the VOSE version wins hands down.

Halt & Catch Fire (eponymous in all languages) was an American drama television series set in the 80s/90s, at the takeoff of the personal computer revolution. As you can see, the name of the series refers to the fictional machine code developed by IBM with the same name.

I haven't seen it yet, but it is exposed as one of the best series, despite being little known. Even so, the trailer puts the series through the roof. 100% recommended.

Silicon Valley (homonym in all languages) is one of the most famous and well-known series in this field in the world. It was a comedy series released in 2014, which deals with the most common themes present in said park; Startups, Big Four, Programming, etc.

I still need the last season to finish watching the series and I can tell you that the dubbing has nothing to envy of the VOSE.

Mr. Robot (eponymous in all countries) is another of the most famous series in the field. It was a strange series to define, since it has utopian, cyberpunk, dramatic, hackfilm, thriller, comedy, etc. points.
The story is about a computer security worker at the company that practically owns the world. Weeks later, a revolutionary hacktivist group tries to contact him to unseat the company with which the protagonist works.

Both the VOSE and the Spanish dubbed version are perfectly in line with the plot of the story.

This is one of the scenes I like the most:

Black Mirror (eponymous in all countries) is a dystopian British anthology series that deals with various futures that could happen if we do not control technology or it gets out of hand.

Just as I recommend the series, I also recommend the film, which has been, if not the first, one of the first interactive films, in which the person watching the film can choose the decision of the protagonists at all times. Creating a new movie every time you watch it.

Here is the VOSE trailer for the season that I liked the most of the series:

And that's all for today guys 😁. Leave me your serie recommendations in the comments, as well as those that you have signed up for the list to see! 👀

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