Amazon Music Unlimited: Personal opinion after 3 months of use

Hello world, my name is Francisco, fcoterroba on the Internet and today I bring you a post in which I am going to talk about Amazon's music streaming service. My opinion after relegating Spotify and using it for three months.

Before starting to spoil it, I recommend that you read one of my first posts, in which I give my first impression about this service, exactly three months ago. Visit me!

My first visual touch was amazingly simple, without any load of advertising banners or too much information that distracts us from what really matters, listening to music.

Its interface is configured like most online music services. On the left, a menu where we can navigate through almost all the options. In the central part we will see all the possibilities with which we can interact depending on what we have clicked on in the menu and finally, at the top, the player controls and the song search engine.

On the other hand, one of the things I like most about Amazon Music is that it is an online player without the need to download anything at all, so if we are on someone else's PC or another site, we just have to log in and that's it.

Very intuitive and easy to use. Simplicity is what is good and quality.

As for the catalog, I have not found, from what I have tried, artists who are on Amazon Music Unlimited but who are not on Spotify (so I have not found any of the 20 million songs difference). When you type an artist, the screen at first is a little confusing, because you do not access its own page. Anyway, nothing that can't be amended. The most listened to songs of each group or singer, the albums and the recommended playlists appear. Nothing new under the sun.

You also don't want to find differences in the sound. The quality is pretty good, so you'll only have to worry about the audio from where you're listening to it. Apparently on mobile, other media outlets that have done the test have tried raising the compression level and the sound continues to be heard decently. Bravo to Jeff Brezos!

When you choose a song, you see its popularity level and duration with a bar, and you can do different actions. When you hover over the song duration, three little dots appear allowing you to share the song, add to a playlist, search for more similar songs, or add to My Music; You can also activate this last option in the + that appears at the end of the band in which the name of the song is embedded.

Let's continue:  One of the weak points of Amazon Music Unlimited is the recommendation of similar artists. Artificial intelligence must be sharpened to improve the proposals, and let's give an example. If we put Joan Manuel Serrat, they recommend you as similar to Ana Belén (okay), Dúo Dinático (we're already going wrong) and Juanito Valderrama! Is it because of the first name?

In the menu on the left, there is also an area to store what we download, to review what we have heard most recently... It is not new either.

What I liked most about Amazon Music Unlimited is, without a doubt, its playlists. It is true that there are no Daily Mix or Spotify's WONDERFUL Weekly Discovery, but I have to say that, in general terms, the playlists prepared by them are a real success. I think they don't have the same offer as their direct competitor but, unlike Spotify, they nail the selection.

That is to say, in the list of 100 Classics of the 50s, for example, there is neither excess nor lack of anyone; The one about Greatest Spanish Hits of the 80s is a real joy and I have saved the one from 'Trabajando a tope' in my favorites to also listen to it at home, quietly, with a wonderful selection.

In short, and regretting very much that I am going to miss out on these cool playlists, there is nothing on Amazon Music Unlimited that would make me switch from my Spotify Free to paying for this streaming. The services are very similar and, precisely for this reason, for being the pioneer, for the usability, the design of the environment and the familiarity, I stick with my lifelong 'Spoti'.

One of the things that shocked me the most is that, when in the desktop version you want to leave the music control buttons, you cannot add it to any playlist or even increase the volume of it.

Another thing that has puzzled me is their library that, although they claim to have 30 million more songs than on Spotify, in terms of indie music, I have seen very little on Amazon. Groups like La Raíz, Vetusta Morla, La Cámara Roja, Los Planetas, Miss Caffeina and others.

Continuing with the theme of the library, the 'great song' that recently came out of “La Pared” sung by Granaíno Dellafuente and Malagueña, Ana Mena, came out a couple of days later on Amazon, comparing it to iTunes, YouTube or Spotify. It is true that this is already a matter of record companies and music labels, but it is a point to take into account.

In summary, Amazon Music Unlimited is good, it is a platform to take into account and that I recommend trying, especially and with many positive points if your computer ecosystem already has a bit of the Amazon language (you have Echo, you are Prime, etc.)

Me, I will continue with Spotify 😀.

That's all for today guys, I hope you liked the post and don't forget to follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn. See you next week!
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